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I get paid for this lol

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp Ep. 6 「Lies and Truth in Flower Language」

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Daily Ojamajo! Today's episode is Marina from Ojamajo Doremi! wooh!
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The aioi_yuuko girl


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TODAY you will ask me if i did something to my hair and ill be like it aint me starts playing it that nigger time thanks for asking
TODAY ill make friends with a duck without throwing any consumables at it
TODAY i will listen to you mock my tan pretending to be offended to keep the conversation off of more personal subjects and wishing you were more like a duck and less like you

Your fortune: Godly Luck

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hahahaha finally i am rich,not just rich-awesomely rich! What can I do with all this money?! Hmm....I am rich enough to buy the classiest hooker in this town.Perhaps nor even a hooker-a millionaire!Yeah with this money I could fuck a millionaire.So ,Mr Berns,expect some guests....
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The average [s4s] namefig
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O-onichan... W-why do you want to see my p-pantsu >////< B-baka!!