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I get paid for this lol

worst of the worst

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What are some equipment/vehicles that should never have been made/issued/bought?
Starting with this failure.
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Kubism presentation

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hey there guys, i need to make a presentation on a lesser known religion and being me decided to do it on Kubism because why the fuck not. its not totally finished and i want to see if there is anything that i got wrong or need to add
bonus points for whoever makes up a important sounding title to put on my name to troll the normies
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Are grip safeties retarded? Is a grip safety even measurably better than a manual safety? I like the aesthetics of 1911s but I seem to have a hang up on the grip safety. Am I being stupid or are there issues I'm not aware of?
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Sturdy lever action rifles in .45lc

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Evening /k/, I'm looking for a lever action rifle chambered in .45 long colt. Specifically, one that's fairly robust and can take some abuse yet has a decently smooth lever throw. It's alright if it gets a bit pricey. No Henrys please, I'm not a fan of anything that doesn't have a loading gate. pic unrelated

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I think it's pretty likely that all of NK is a giant secret military base controlled by all the former confucian states.
All their limp military posing and goofy missile tests are a smokescreen for the enormous underground hangars full of cutting-edge battle robots.

This thought makes me hard.
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Why does /k/ give the indian INSAS rifle so much shit?
Atleast our rifle works unlike the shitty disfunctional QBZ-95 which has retarded safety positioning and doesn't work half the time.
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What kind of wood are the stock Rock Island 1911 GI grips made of?
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*blocks your path*
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Century Arms AK anygood?

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Subject says it all
Is the Century arms AK-47 any good?
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